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In April 2010 I was went into Grand mal seizures which was found to be due to brain cancer. After surgery and sent home I was put on Keppra. As of Feb 2012 I have not had a seizure since but I have found this medicine makes me very tired and I itch all over all the time. I was taking 500mg in the morning and 500 in the evening. Then we changed it to 1000mg in the evening and none in the morning. I find it very hard to get motivated in the mornings. I want to stay in bed and sleep. I take antidepressants but I'm not depressed or crying. I had been and they felt under the circumstances I need to stay on the antidpressant. We tried changing it and I still stayed very tired and that is why I am sure its the Keppra making me so tired. Otherwise Kuddos.
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Started taking Keppa (750mg twice daily) alongside Lamictal (250mg twice daily) as the latter medicine was not 100% efficient to control partial seizures. Although the Keppra seems to have stopped the seizures completely, there are many side effects to be aware of. Drowsiness, tiredness and irritability/moodiness are extremely common, so that is often a downer, especially when you're trying to enjoy yourself. Depression is difficult to identify as dwelling on the side effects on the leaflet only makes you feel worse! Overall, an effective medicine for treating epilepsy but I had many bad side effects.

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